About Miss Forsyth

Miss Forsyth was founded in aprrox 1890 by a Miss Forsyth who ran the shop until she retired, and was taken over by a former employee, Mrs Kingston, until 1984, when Jennifer Moodie bought it as a going concern and decided to keep the name Miss Forsyth as it was such an iconic name in Falkirk town centre. In 1996, her daughter Sarah Williamson became a partner and now runs the business which includes the store in Perth which opened in 1996.  The Falkirk shop is actually one of the oldest existing shops in the town today, if not THE oldest. It has survived 2 world wars, several recessions, and all the many fashion changes in ladies lingerie over those years!!!

We continually keep moving with the lingerie fashion  -   The pointy bras of the 50s, to the burn the bra era of the 60s, to the au naturel look of the 70s, to the lacy feminine look of the 80s, to the push up and out look of the 90s and the introductiion of the thong!! The noughties provided us with the T-shirt bra, all things skin coloured and control pants. Which takes us into this decade which has seen us all playing safe so far, but with the end of the recession in sight I predict we're all going to want to go more daring and more adventurous with colours and lace and styles! One thing I can certainly guarantee is that Miss Forsyth will be there at the forefront of it all once again - ready to embrace another 120 years of providing underwear for our customers.